FACILITIES AND SERVICES 09/20/2020 2:23pm (UTC)

Facilities and Services

Classrooms: First Year, Second Year, and Third Year(Section B and C)

Faculty Buildings: Faculty Room, Offices, AV (Audio Visual) Room, Taekwondo Room(Second Floor)
Classrooms: Third year(Section A), Fourth year

Student's Lounge, Library


School Canteen

Guard House

Computer Room

Dry Laboratory

Wet Laboratory

  • From the original two (2) buildings, presently with three (3) big buildings consisting of:
  • a.)    The main building with the:

    1.      Administrative Offices

    2.      Laboratory Rooms (dry and wet)

    3.      Social Hall

    4.      Computer Room

    5.      Faculty Room

    6.      Four (4) Classrooms

    b.)    The Library Building which houses the

    1.      Library

    2.      Guidance Center

    3.      Campus Ministry/Community Extension Services Office

    c.)    The Third Building  with :

    1.      15 Classrooms

    2.      Property Custodian Office

    3.      Technology and Home Economics Room

    1. Microdome/Gymnasium
    2. School Canteen
    3. Students' Lounge
    4. Two (2) Building for the Comfort Rooms
    5. Out-of-school youth Building
    6. Drinking Fountains

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    ANDSC is system of Catholic Institutions administered by the Diocesan Clergy of Cotabato envisions its academic community to be competent and dedicated educators and to be centers of excellence in academics, co-curricular and community services, as inculturated institutions for quality integral education, to develop the full potentials of the human person and to become effective partners of the Archdiocese in its mission for integral evangelization.
    Guided and inspired by the Gospel Values, Christian virtues and Marian ideals of "Service for the Love of God through Mary". we commit ourselves to participate in the mission of the church through its Ministries and Apostolates in building a true humane campus rooted on justice, truth, peace and love. We commit ourselves to come up with relevant and responsive academic programs for the on-going development of our academic community to become self-actualized and integrally developed Filipino citizens imbued with human dignity for a meaningful leadership in the society.
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